Issue and Verify Blockchain-based Certificates

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) has reached another milestone in its ongoing Blockchain Initiative, by being the first university in the world to offer instant, electronic authentication of its certificates (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees), via an online verification tool on its website.

The is an open, decentralized and transparent platform that provides a secure method, through the use of blockchain technology to issue and authenticate certificates without the fear of them being modified or lost even if the issuing organization ceases to exist. It eliminates the conventional processes of issuing certificates and goes beyond simply digitizing them, to solve a plethora of real world complications such as lost certificates, validation, as well as lost or modified records.

This development is a continuation of UNIC’s innovative move in 2014, as the first university globally to publish academic certificates on the Blockchain. Specifically, all certificates issued as of Spring Semester 2017 have been digitized and are available to students online. Each certificate fingerprint has also been added to Bitcoin’s blockchain, a decentralized and distributed digital ledger, offering users (e.g. potential employers) immediate, secure and digital authentication via the new verification tool on UNIC’s website.