Centralized VS Decentralized Payments – How are we going to get adoption?

02 Oct 2020


This webinar is for everyone and every business that wants to understand how to optimise their user experience and get adoption. You will understand the short comings of crypto user experience and how crypto can compete with mainstream payments for user experience and adoption.  Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in Q&A with Ric Spagni, a leading crypto OG and cofounder of three successful crypto ventures including the leading privacy digital currency Monero.

Ric Spagni,Co-Founder Monero, Tari Labs and Globee Crypto Payment Gateway
Bio of the Speaker:  Ricentered the crypto industry in 2011, is a real character, and a top 100 most influential person in crypto 2020. He has partnered with several high profile Silicon Valley VC’s and crypto OG’s to co-found Monero, Tari and Globee multicurrency payment processor. Based in the beautiful coastal town of Plettenberg Bay in Southern Africa, Ric is an industry champion for privacy, and has a passion for playing with Lego, building and flying drones and collecting wristwatches.
  • Prof.Soulla Louca, Professor, Director at Institute For the Future
  • Robin Philip, African Digital Payments Enthusiast