Certified Holochain Specialist

This workshop will focus on post-blockchain dApps based on the Holochain project. In contrast to existing blockchain protocols, in Holochain no true global consensus is maintained by the network. Instead, the Holochain protocol enforces an agent-centric rather a data-centric paradigm to build decentralised applications. We will explore how this agent-centric model allows decentralised applications to scale with nearly no limitations over traditional blockchains. In brief, attendees to the workshop will:

  • understand the fundamental differences of blockchains versus the Holochain ledger system and decentralized application platform;
  • get familiar with the Holochain architecture and dive into the mechanics of what makes Holochain unique and how it works;
  • understand the Holochain coding paradigm and learn tools for the rapid development of agent-centric decentralized applications;
  • build a dApp prototype, with hands-on assistance from Holochain developers.

* Participants will be awarded a self-verifiable certificate on the Bitcoin blockchain