The vision is to start a Decentralized Chapter that Focuses on 2 main themes. Expanding awareness and education of the blockchain. Bringing the awareness of the blockchain energy disruptive innovations and opportunities to the local renewable energy industry.
The vision also includes starting up educational and other collaborative programs with the two local colleges, the world-famous university of Hull and C4DI (the Centre for Digital Innovation in Hull) a digital hub that provides services to start-ups and has formed links with PwC, Amazon Web Services, Kingston Communications and numerous others.

The focus of this chapter is to build a community within Hull and internationally, of like-minded individuals that share a common passion in the space of digital currencies and blockchain technology. Given the excellent renewable energy leadership credentials of the city of Hull, we would be seeking to take advantage of this and distinguish this Decentralized chapter with a specialisation in the renewable energy space.

• Introduce college and university learners to the technical and academics aspects of the space
• Introduce the local renewable energy industry to the disruptive innovations and opportunities in the blockchain/energy space
• Work with the local renewable energy community, the University of Nicosia, and the blockchain community to determine the areas of greatest interest and synergy
• Introduce blockchain enthusiast to opportunities to learn and earn by contributing to open-source blockchain projects
• Introduce after school clubs and pre-college students to programming and big picture concepts of the blockchain