The Decentralized Kampala Chapter brings together blockchain enthusiasts and professionals in the greater Uganda area.

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Kampala Decentralized Chapter Launch Meeting
The last meeting was held on July,3 2019
1. Robert Kibaya
2. Godfrey Hatejeka
3. Paul Kasoma
4. Stephen Kalyesubula
5. Geoffrey Wandera

The following were absent by permission:
1. Goodrich Frank Muteguya
2. Edson Tongyirwe, and
3. Antonio Goodrich Kirungi


• Introducing the decentralized concept
• Scheduling election of the executive committee
The meeting was chaired by an interim chairman Mr. Robert Kibaya nominated by Mr. Stephen Kalyesubula and seconded by Mr. Godfrey Hatejeka.

Introducing the decentralized concept
Presented by Mr. Geoffrey Wandera.

Key areas:
• What, and why the decentralized community
• An over view of the functions of money, the traditional centralized systems versus decentralization
• Introducing the Block Chain Bitcoin concept
Scheduling election of the executive committee
Elections shall take place on 23rd/June/2019.
President: Interested persons
1. Mr. Robert Kibaya
2. Mr. Geoffrey Wandera
Vice President: the following expressed their interest for the position:
1. Mr. Godfrey Hatejeka
2. Mr. Goodrich Frank Muteguya
Mr. Stephen Kalyesubula

Mr. Paul Kasoma
The rest of the members have not yet expressed their interest in any of the above posts

The members agreed on having a detailed discussion of the possible activities of the chapter after the election of the executive committee and at 6:00pm the meeting was adjourned