What is a Chapter2021-01-15T15:28:44+02:00

The purpose of the DECENTRALIZED Chapters are to build a community of like-minded individuals that share a common passion in the space of digital currencies and Blockchain technology. DECENTRALIZED Chapters disseminate Blockchain technology awareness and knowledge on several regions around the world.

Joining a DECENTRALIZED Chapter is a great way to learn more about Blockchain technology and the new developments on this industry. The aim is to facilitate active community networks within many geographical regions, thus allowing Blockchain technology to have a greater impact on our lives. DECENTRALIZED Chapters consist of people who realize the disruptive potential of Blockchain and wish to learn and contribute towards this cause.

DECENTRALIZED Chapter activities could include, but are not limited to:

  •   Education/Training
  •   Peer support for UNIC programs
  •   Speaker series
  •   Support for Startups
  •   Volunteer Activities
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