The Decentralized India Chapter brings together blockchain enthusiasts and professionals in the Indian sub-continent area

The University of Nicosia, in collaboration with the Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA), is launching the DECENTRALIZED India Chapter along with the support of strong industry partners like the Kerala Start-Up Mission.

Date: 6 September 2019, 2PM – 5PM
Place: C-DAC Hall, Technopark Campus, Thiruvananthapuram
Keynote Speaker: Prof. C. Pandurangan (Department of CSE, IIT- Madras).

What is the DECENTRALIZED India Chapter?
The India DECENTRALIZED Chapter is to be established around renowned higher educational institutions (HEI) spread across cities in India.

The Chapter aims at streamlining and re-organizing any existing blockchain/digital transformation technologies expertise as well as fostering a long-term academic relationship between UNIC – IFF and the respective HEI in India, keeping the DECENTRALIZED Chapter as the nucleus.

Joining the DECENTRALIZED India Chapter is a great way to learn more about blockchain technology and the new developments in this industry. The aim is to facilitate active community networks within many geographical regions, thus allowing blockchain technology to have a greater impact on our lives. DECENTRALIZED Chapters consist of people who realize the disruptive potential of blockchain and wish to learn and contribute towards this cause.

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Way forward?
If you are interested in partnering with DECENTRALIZED India Chapter, please contact:
R. Midhun Krishna
Country Head, DECENTRALIZED India Chapter
M: +91-7749915983

If you are interested in participating at the Decentralized Conference 2019, take advantage of your Chapter discount using the code: DC19COK10