Decentralized Nicosia Chapter Online Event with Q&A

Date: 8th June
Time: 19:00-20:30
Venue: Zoom Webinar



Presentation 1: (20-30 min)

Topic: The premise of DeFi – the Terra Luna Case

Presenter: Antonis (Anthony) Afthinos

Short Bio: Anthony entered the crypto space in 2020 focused primarily in the DeFi and is currently an advisor to upcoming projects in the Web3 space. He believes in the premise of DeFi for financial freedom but maintains still a conservative approach to related inherent risks. As a DeFi enthusiast, Anthony strives to share his knowledge and advocates for education that will bring mass adoption for cryptos and related technologies.

Presentation 2: (20-30 min)

Topic: Financial Privacy

Presenter: George Papp-Georgiou

Short Bio: George spent most of his early career in Investment Banking in London at HSBC, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank. Having started to question the current financial system and seeking alternative solutions, he began to learn more about the Cryptocurrency space in 2019.After diving deeper, he decided to migrate to Cryptocurrency full time. He has since helped many newbies and experienced investors understand the philosophy behind crypto and gaining financial sovereignty away from the current economic system.


Q&A – Group Discussion (20-30 min)