DLT4ALL Open Day

26 Nov 2020


In this interactive 1 hour Open Day Webinar, you will have the chance to learn more about the aim, structure, activities & achievements of the project as well as the block.co’s Use-case for Blockchain credentialing.

Talk Summary
The recent crisis has, amongst other things, accelerated the need to go remote, to reduce physical evidencing and increase digital security.  Some second layer applications of blockchain technology, provide the answers, and at the same time resolve long-standing issues of fraud inherent in numerous levels of business. One such application is Blockchain credentialing.

Block.co, a spin-off from the pioneers in the space, The University of Nicosia, is offering a BaaS solution that tackles in a simple and effective way these issues, relevant to both the private and public sector.


  1. Updates for the project
  2. Block.co use-case


  • Prof. Soulla Louca, Professor, Director, Institute For the Future
  • Alexis Nicolaou, CEO, Block.co