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Date: 10/17/18


303 Spring St, New York, NY 10013, USA



6-6:15 – meet and greet people in the room
6:15-6:45 – introductions from exec team and presentation on mission statement of the chapter as well as how we’d like to kick off programs
6:45-7:30 – committee leaders find members and decide on a first project or regular event to kick off
7:30-8 – regroup and discuss first projects / regular events of each committee and plans for follow up


Exec Team Presentation

Chapter Mission Statement:
To educate ourselves and the New York community at large on blockchain and cryptocurrency
technologies and movements.

The Technologies:
● Slack: Plug the Slack sign up, as a way for us all to stay coordinated and up to date.
Committees can create channels there to coordinate activity.
● Decentralized Site: Join this so you stay in the loop via email as well as join the global job
board and community forum for Decentralized.

We would love to kick off this chapter by starting 1-2 initiatives led by individuals within the
chapter. Does anyone have an idea of an initiative they’d like to spearhead? If not, we can look
for leaders to start ones from this list below.

The vision for each of these initiatives is to run workshops, lunches, create educational materials, and otherwise contribute to our mission statement in their particular area. It’s best to start with just one event – like a regular lunch (real or virtual) where you discuss a topic or make progress on a project. Once that event is habitual and sound, it’s easier for initiatives to build out new programs.

Technical Knowledge Workshops:
● Running a full node (Ethereum or Bitcoin)
● Dapp development
● Whitepaper reviews
● Additional ideas?
Topic Committees
● Identity
● Supply chain
● Programmable finance
● Gaming
● Venture Capital
● Mining / Validation
● Accounting
● Legal applications
● Regulatory environment (in US, another country, or global)
● Additional ideas?
Social Events
● Member Events
○ Small group Dinners
○ Speaker panels
● New Member Recruitment (everyone’s job, but someone focused on events and
messaging for this purpose would be wonderful!)

The Exec team can run Member Events for now, as these are critical to creating cohesion in this group and getting people to know each other.

Once we have initiative leaders, we can form committees around them. Chapter members should choose a committee or two for tonight to join and speak with. Committee leaders please work with those who are interested in your topic to create the basics of a first event or program. Then we will come together and discuss the initial events/programs each committee will run.

Following this meeting, each committee leader should follow up with the entire chapter on the details of their first event / program. The Exec team can aid in sending emails to everyone in the chapter.

Thank you!

Executive committee

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