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Opportunity to join and contribute to cutting edge development in Bitcoin technology
across multiple, technologically varied projects under one umbrella

Focus of activities will be development tasks in several different Bitcoin based coin projects with major differences between their codebases i.e. different consensus mechanisms like PoW and PoS 3.0, Masternode technology or a mix of any of these. Some work would be done on coins that are testbeds for innovation and upon successful implementation the code would be rolled out to high valuation established cryptocurrencies with proven track record and strong communities. Development is not limited solely to blockchain but touches on a variety of concurrent technologies that in tandem create cryptocurrency ecosystems.

Required skill set:

  • C++, Python, Qt5, P2P Network (Firewall, Ports, Protocols),
  • being well familiarized with Lightning ( https://lightning.network/ ) and RSK
    ( https://www.rsk.co/ ) technologies,
  • being able to compile Bitcoin Wallet for Windows,
  • being able to work in Linux and/or MAC OSX Terminal,
  • having Github Account and knowing how to use it to its full potential,
  • having some knowledge of English and German,
  • being able to travel to Germany (desired but not required)

Possible projects but not limited to:

  • adding SegWit to Proof-of-Stake 3.0 + Masternode coin,
  • developing Electrum SPV,
  • standalone solution for Lighting Network,
  • standalone solution for RSK and ERC20,
  • iOS cryptocurrency wallet

In general, projects will focus on implementing new Bitcoin developments in a way that can be utilized across a number of different blockchain initiatives. It needs to be stressed that developmental goals go beyond and are far higher than copy-coding. The expected results will be often industry first combinations of technologies in the blockchain industry. This is an excellent opportunity for blockchain developers to gain first-hand experience in coding, creating, and ultimately building an open, accessible and fair financial future for all.

For developers interested solely in Ethereum based codebase there is a second project http://artis.eco where job opportunities might open up after the funding rounds is finished.

Further information available at: contact@bit.diamonds

To apply for this job email your details to contact@bit.diamonds