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The University of Nicosia ("UNIC") is the largest university in Cyprus and among the largest English language universities in southern Europe, with over 11,000 students, from over 70 countries across the globe, coming together in an innovative and transformative learning space.

The Blockchain Initiative of the University of Nicosia invites applications for full-time Research/Teaching Assistants in the field of Blockchain Technologies and Applications beginning in January or February 2018.



UNIC is, by most measures, the leading university globally in the digital currency and blockchain field. The University has long considered blockchain technology to be a fundamental technological breakthrough with significant financial and societal implications and selected it as one of its three interdisciplinary priorities across all schools and departments. In particular, the objective is to help students, businesses and governments develop a holistic view of the technical, business, legal and societal implications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and use them to help build a better societal future.

In this spirit, UNIC has constantly broken new ground in academia, being the first university in the world to:

  1. Teach a university-level course on cryptocurrency (since January 2014) in the form of an online free MOOC (Introduction to Digital Currencies).
  2. Launch an accredited academic degree program taught online in English (MSc in Digital Currency, March 2014).
  3. Accept Bitcoin for tuition for any degree program at the university (since October 2013).
  4. Issue academic certificates onto the Bitcoin blockchain (since September 2014)

This leading role in academia has been recognized by blockchain industry publications in their evaluation of UNIC’s position among universities involved in the field – CoinDesk (#1, 2016), the Merkle (#1, 2017). Today, UNIC, through its School of Business, School of Sciences and the Institute For the Future (IFF) probably employs the largest team in the academic world working on cryptocurrency and blockchain issues, with over 35 faculty, industry experts, administrative staff and guest lecturers involved with the initiative.

UNIC continues to teach the world’s oldest and best-known MOOC in the space, which has had over 13,000 participants to date, enrolling students twice a year (January and September). It also offers the world’s largest MSc academic degree program in the space, which currently hosts over 100 students from around the world. Past MSc graduates have gone on to work in at key firms in the industry, created startups in the blockchain space or worked in government and academia.

UNIC also provides corporate and professional training to a variety of financial and business organizations and is the key academic partner of the Association of Financial Professionals on blockchains. UNIC also is actively involved in the academic blockchain ecosystem via its Blockchain Research Center with several collaborations worldwide and is active in the broader ecosystem, organizing summits such as DECENTRALIZED 2017, leading or participating in panels at major conferences, such as Consensus 2017 and ASU/GSV 2017.


The UNIC Blockchain Initiative is seeking to recruit several Research/Teaching Assistants.

Responsibilities include:

  • Construct, upload and analyze individual surveys for each module, analyze results and disseminate them to the corresponding parties and analyze pre- and post-course Surveys
  • Overview of overall Moodle experience for students
  • Collect Moodle data and analyze regarding forum, instructor and student activity for MOOC and MSc courses to be used for enhancing user experience and further developments as necessary as well as for publications
  • Informing HR for the update of contracts and ensuring they are signed by all parties
  • Collect research data and use statistical methods for analysis including demographics and student surveys.
  • Assist in the presentation of teaching material.
  • Help prepare applications for research funding and participate in research activities.
  • Moodle: Un-hide /upload material, Calendar updates, operation settings etc.
  • Moodle Support (+new discussions for exercises and live session questions, content moderation, etc).
  • Live sessions’ moderation, questions and arrangements with each instructor.
  • Certificates issuance on Blockchain (Proof Of Existence).
  • Any other academic/research duties assigned by supervisor.

Candidates should hold at least a Bachelor’s degree (all backgrounds will be considered, with preference in Computer Science & Information Systems, Business/Management, Finance/Accounting and Law).

Compensation will depend on qualifications and experience and may include further academic development.


Applicants should submit the following items (in electronic form) through UNIC’s online recruitment system https://vacancies.unic.ac.cy/ :

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

For specific information, interested individuals may contact: Prof. Soulla Louca (louca.s@unic.ac.cy) , Director, Blockchain Initiative, University of Nicosia, 46 Makedonitissas Avenue, P.O. Box 24005, 1700 Nicosia, CYPRUS (Tel.: 357-22-841625).

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