/Software Engineer (Cryptography)

Software Engineer (Cryptography)

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A next generation cryptocurrency protocol and payments system.

Software Engineer (Cryptography)

Required skillset is strong Computer Science fundamentals, a very good knowledge of Java, experience with security and cryptography (fully homomorphic encryption, secure hashing, symmetric/asymmetric encryption), knowledge of Java concurrency framework, experience in the implementation of high-performance applications.

Nice to have: experience with blockchain, rapidoid server, Java NIO, network protocols, peer-to-peer applications, databases, distributed systems, sockets

Preferred to have experience with: github, Linux/Unix, Jenkins, gradle, shell scripting

Experience preferred:
– if Bachelor’s in Computer Science, then minimum 7 years of experience developing commercial applications
– if Masters in Computer Science, then minimum of 3 years of experience developing commercial applications
– if Phd in Computer Science, then no experience developing commercial applications

The person should be able to work remotely and in office, to work with short deadlines, should have great communications and time management skills, ability to work in a small team and be able collaborate with all the team members. We are looking for a person that can contribute to the project and the design.

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