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Webinar Overview

The interactive webinar introduced the EUNOMIA Project and provided a hands-on overview of the platform.

During and after the webinar, participants were invited to join the dedicated instance of EUNOMIA for the Decentralized Chapters Community.

The Decentralized Community Social network platform was built as part of the H2020 project EUNOMIA for online discussion on Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies.

Whether to ask questions and learn, or post news, even rumours for which you want the community’s opinion, this is the right place. The intuitive Twitter-like interface of the federated social network Mastodon and the additional EUNOMIA’s toolkit features such as the trust /don’t trust buttons will assist you in the discussions of the trustworthiness of the latest information on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Existing and future features and updates such as information provenance will support your evaluation of online information aiming at sustaining the quality of community’s interactions.

By joining the Decentralized Social Network Platform,
you have access to:

  • The latest news on Decentralized Chapter’s activities
  • Early access to Decentralized Chapters’ videos and the chance to discuss with presenters
  • Videos and Links related to blockchain and decentralized technology developments shared and posted by community members
  • Ask technical questions on blockchain and decentralized ledger technologies and get answers from community experts
  • Access to information on upcoming events, conferences, webinars, learning and educational material in a single place
  • A growing community space for Decentralized professionals and enthusiasts to share and learn about Blockchain technology!


About the project

EUNOMIA Project, has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 825171, with the main aim to assist users of social media to:
  • Identify the source of information
  • Assess the provenance of online information
  • Protect their network from misinformation
The project develops a decentralized and open-source solution for social media users to raise awareness and enable active participation in the trustworthiness verification process.