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Pre-Conference Workshops


CORDA Bootcamp, 30 October 2019

Decentralized Training Series (DTS) and R3 Corda co-organize an exclusive full day course only for Decentralized 2019 participants for blockchain beginners who want to learn about the Corda blockchain platform and blockchain engineers who aspire to develop their own Corda application (CorDapp).

This course starts as an introductory course for beginners and builds up into a more advanced course towards the end of the course. The course provides an overview of the Blockchain technology and then it jumps into the details for the Corda Blockchain. Attendees learn about the Corda platform, which is powered by blockchain technology and how to develop a simple CorDapp.

We assume you’re already familiar with Java (for Session 2) and some blockchain basics, but aside from that, we provide you with everything to build your own CorDapp on the day and kickstart your Corda journey.

Hyperledger LogoHYPERLEDGER

Hyperledger Workshop, 30 October 2019

Decentralized Training Series (DTS) and Hyperledger co-organize an exclusive full day training workshop only for Decentralized 2019 participants who want to dive into the specifics of Hyperledger Fabric and build their own decentralized application.

This course starts with fundamental theory of Hyperledger Fabric and the differences with other blockchain-based networks. Participants will be guided to set up their own environment and be introduced to the technicalities of Hyperledger. Session 1 will conclude with a practical implementation of smart contracts in the Hyperledger Fabric environment.

The practical experience will continue on the afternoon session with a go thorough of the existing PaperNet example and the creation of a new Hyperledger Fabric Application.