Most of the presentations delivered at Decentralized 2017 are available for viewing by clicking at the links below. The presentations are also available in the context of the conference, on the Agenda page. As more presentations become available, we will post them on both pages.

Alice Corsini

Decentralized solutions for real-world problems

Angel Versetti

Ambrosus_Trusted Quality of Products

Bernardo Batiz-Lazo

Is the DLT a cure for omnichannel blues A provocation

Bryant Joseph Gilot

Ιπποκράτης to サトシナカモト

Chiara Mazzone

Europe and blockchains_keep trust in disruptions

Daniel Burgwinkel

Blockchain secured data management platform

Denis Norenko

Cryptoassets as a new asset class

Emmanuel Viale

Blockchain Supply Chain Trade Finance Traceability

Frank Bolten

Blockchain in Use_the Most important projects

Gregor Borosa

Public and Private Blockchains_same idea, inverted context

Ian Grigg

The Governed Blockchain

Jamie Skella

Redesigning Democracy on the Blockchain

John Bass

Blockchain & Digital Health Assets

John Karamitsos

Blockchain & Smart Contracts Building blocks for Smart Cities

Konstantinos Sgantzos

Implementing an Artificial Intelligence on a Blockchain

Kostas Karasavvas

Credentials On TheBlockchain

Krzysztof Piech

Blockchain in Poland

Mark Toohey

Three Layers of Protection to Defeat Counterfeiters

Mark Torr and George Tziortzis

Accelerating your Blockchain Projects with Microsoft and KPMG

Michael Merz

Decentralised energy trading_first results of the Enerchain project

Nikos Karapanagou

Toolset to implement Smart Processes on a Blockchain

Ruslan Vasyutin

Psychological Aspects of Crowdfunding in FinTech Projects

Sinclair Davidson

The blockchain_Five complementary technologies

Spyros Makridakis

Combining Blockchain (BC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Thanos Yamas

A roadmap to Innovation of Things™

Vasos Vassiliou

Blockchain-based Secure Decentralization