Thank you for Joining Us!

The Decentralized Global Chapters Community would like to thank everyone who joined Smart DevOps – Smart Cities MOOC Webinar that took place on Thursday 15 October 2020.

The Speakers of this Webinar gave insight analysis of the MOOC Platform Courses which will start on October 19, 2020 

Webinar Overview

This educational/walkthrough Webinar will give the opportunity to attendees to learn more about the Smart DevOps project and the Smart Cities MOOC, dedicated for Smart City Planners, IT Managers and IT Officers.

Watch live and register for the first run of the MOOC!

MOOC Overview

Starting 19 October 2020, this MOOC will drive attendees/students in-depth understanding of Smart DevOps.

No prior DevOps expertise needed!

A participant who successfully completes all courses (min grade 60%) will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and will qualify for a second round of specialized training for free.

In this MOOC, you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn new ways software is designed and delivered today
  • get an overview of smart city ecosystem including platforms, business models and financial management
  • be introduced to new technologies (Cloud Computing, IOT, Data Analytics).

Project Overview

The online course was developed and is organized by experts of the Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance project titled DevOps Competences for Smart Cities MOOC (project number 601015-EPP-1-2018-1-EL-EPPKA2-SSA).

The aim of the project is the professional development through appropriate training of the personnel who work or will work in municipalities, which are gradually transformed into Smart Cities.

This will be achieved with upskilling them with new IT skills and knowledge that are required for smart city management, such as the DevOps methodology.

One of the main project’s objectives is to define new job profiles, for those who plan to work as smart city professional.

These new job profiles are:

  • Smart City Planner
  • Smart City ΙΤ Manager
  • Smart City IT Officer