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*Information on this page is updated regularly. Please ensure you check for updates in the lead up to the conference.

For the purposes of the Decentralized Conference program, the term ‘speaker’ applies to any presenter or co-presenter, session chair, panelist or co-panelist, session moderator, session discussant, pre-conference facilitator or moderator who is participating at Decentralized.

Every speaker knows that preparation can make or break a presentation. This page is designed to make it easier to achieve success. Please read carefully.


2 Vassileos Alexandrou Ave.
Athens, Greece


Conference Areas & Layout

Registration/ Info Desk Illissos Foyer – Ground Floor
Exhibitors Illissos Room – Ground Floor
Business Track/ Plenary Sessions Olympia – Lower Ground Floor
Technology Track Vergina – Lower Ground Floor
Workshops Track (31st)
Academic Track (1st)
Athens View – Roof Garden Floor
Aristotelis I & II 8th Floor

Decentralized Point of Contact

  • Onsite support/Main point of contact: Ms Elena Kontemeniotis: Decentralized Operations Manager

Speakers Profile Details

Your full contact details including a contact number are mandatory, please provide all of the essential information using the fields below.

*Please note deadline is Monday 14th October 2019.
**Note: we cannot guarantee the quality of your presentation as well as the compatibility based on our audio visual setup, if received after Monday 14th October 2019.

Upload Power Point:

Drag your files here or click in this area.


Only with your confirmation of the above, can we proceed with your registration. Please keep an eye out for the email confirmation with your ticket and be sure to check your junk / spam folders.

Visit the Registration / Information Desk at Ilissos Foyer / Ground Floor


The latest version can be found on our website and our App. As we near the event dates, the most up-to-date information will be available on the app in real time.

Travel and Accommodation

Please visit the Conference website for more information regarding hotel reservations 
Decentralized was able to secure a rate of €150 Single / €170 Double including Breakfast, VAT and Municipality tax.
Accommodation tax €4 per room per day is not included and must be added on top of the above rates.
Hotel rates will be accepted at the Conference rate until 18 October 2019 and are sold on a first-come first-serve basis. There are limited rooms available at this rate.

You will also need to arrange all of your travel to and from the Conference.
Taxis are located outside the airport terminal. This service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
No reservation is needed for transfers from the airport to the Conference Hotel.
For return transportation, upon arrival at your hotel, please ask the reception to reserve this service for you.  Please note that taxis are always waiting outside the hotel for transportation within Athens.


While every care is been taken to ensure your presentation is a success, please see below important notes.   


Below is a breakdown of the speaking durations, should you wish to include Q&A at the end.

Keynote/ Plenary 15 minutes 5 minutes 20 minutes
Session 12 minutes 3 minutes 15 minutes
Panel Sessions 50 minutes 10 minutes 60 minutes
Workshops 100 minutes 20 minutes 120 minutes

Keeping to time: We kindly request ALL speakers are respectful and keep within time. As multiple sessions run in parallel, not adhering to strict time limits will prevent subsequent presenters getting a fair opportunity in presenting their work as well as reducing their presentation times.

Presentations Technical Notes & Guidelines

Please have all your videos embedded into your presentation, and make sure you have them with you. In addition to your presentation, you will also need to submit the actual media files.

High definition LED walls or (HD) projectors will be used. All presentations should be in the 16:9 format (widescreen) ratio aspect, with a preference for the PowerPoint format.

Ensure your presentation has been submitted and is up to date far in advance. Ensure you are meeting the deadline for submission. Changes are extremely difficult to make during the live presentation segment.

Bring a copy of your presentation files and all of its assets with you, for any unforeseen reason.

Run through your presentation. Make sure that all aspects of your presentation are working properly, ex. Videos, transitions etc. Speak to an organizer far in advance if you require special requests for your presentation.

Audio Visual Guidelines

Do not wear checkered or plaid clothing as this may create a visually unappealing experience for attendees and for video results. Also please avoid dangling jewelry (earrings) that could interfere with microphones.

Avoid turning your back to view your presentation on the large screen behind you. You will have two comfort monitors in front of you, one is for your presentation and one is a timer that counts down indicating the amount of time available for your slot. ! Make sure that you are aware of the time throughout, and leave enough time for audience Q&A at the end where possible. Please respect the timer to help keep the conference on time.

You will have a wireless mic. Use the entire large center part of the stage, as this is the best lighting, avoiding the right / left ends of the stage as they are unlit.

Phones on your person, may interfere with the wireless microphones used in the event, it is best to leave them behind before getting on stage.

If something technical goes wrong on stage, please pause and give us a chance to sort it out. Please do not draw any extra attention to it, e.g. your microphone momentarily does not function.

Stay safe, please be aware of equipment and / or cabling in the vicinity of the staging area.

General Session: Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals are an integral part of the conference.
The session chairs & speaker rehearsals will be scheduled with date and open times via app notification.

Please familiarize yourself with the stage and surrounding area ahead of your presentation, during the rehearsal designated period.  Please ensure you know where you are entering and exiting the stage. Stage managers will be able to assist you in the venue.

On the Day

Join the event early. Registration begins at 8am. Make yourself accessible prior to your timeslot, as we need you in the correct venue a minimum 30 of minutes in advance to your presentation to add a mic, testing, etc. See our venues here

Stage Managers will seat you in specific standby seating prior to going on stage. Please stay seated prior to going on stage.

City Guide & Local Travel

Here is some more information about Athens that we thought you’d find useful.

    1. Official Athens Tourism – click here
    2. Official Transport Info Page – click here
    3. Official Metro Page – click here
    4. Metro Map – click here