DC 2019 – Academic Track invites researchers and industry experts to submit original contributions in the following major areas (indicative list, other related topics will also be considered):

Industry 4.0 transformation and Blockchains Data Science in Blockchains
Enabling novel Consensus and Fault Tolerance Mechanisms Game Theory in Distributed Ledgers (including Blockchains)
Convergence of Blockchains with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Papers/ Use-cases with Blockchain
Governance, and Incentivised Models for Blockchains Barriers and Enablers in Blockchain adoption
Formal verification of protocols and Smart Contracts Interoperability of Blockchains with existing Business Models and Processes
Legal, ethical and societal aspects of digital-currencies and Blockchains Verticals using Blockchain (financial, e-health, energy, logistics, supply-chain, etc.)
Blockchain in e-government and public administration Technology and infrastructure challenges in Blockchains
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) Attacks and Security considerations on Blockchains
Public, Private and Hybrid Blockchains (permission-less vs. permissioned)