RippleX: Helping Developers Build Trust, Utility and Liquidity with Blockchain

11 November 2020, 18:00 – 21:00 EET


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Opening Remarks | Discussion (18:00 – 19:00 EET)

Dr. Scott STORNETTA Partner & Chief Scientist,
Yugen Partners
Dr. Scott Stornetta is considered by many to be the co-inventor of the Blockchain. Dating back to 1991, his pioneering series of papers, written with co-author Dr. Stuart Haber at Bellcore, received the 1992 Discover Award for Computer Software, and were featured in the New York Times in 1995. This helped lay the foundation for Bitcoin and other digital currencies (for example, of the eight citations in the original Bitcoin paper, three reference his and Dr. Haber’s work).
Antonis POLEMITIS CEO, University of Nicosia
Mr. Antonis Polemitis has two decades of experience in higher education, private equity, and software development. He has a deep understanding of global higher education, having served as a CEO, investor, board member, instructor and technology developer in the field. He has been a principal or advisor for a broad range of corporate financings in the United States, Europe, Latin America and India, ranging from multi-billion dollar industrial buyouts to early stage venture capital. He has also led the development of high-scale cloud-based technology platforms in multiple industries.

Ripple Workshop (19:00 – 21:00 EET)

Blockchain has revolutionized the technology industry—yet the barrier to entry has left many developers without a path to connect to the world of crypto despite its emergence as the next wave of technology. How can developers forge a path to adoption when walking through uncharted territory? In this workshop, Warren and Michael will discuss how to move the dial for developers to connect, communicate, program, while building trust, utility, and liquidity for a blockchain-powered economy. The RippleX open-source platform, which targets a network of more than 20 million developers globally, allows developers to get started with blockchain, without needing to know the nuances of the underlying protocols. Warren and Michael can discuss how a platform approach is moving the industry forward to improve the way that developers transact using protocols such as the XRP Ledger, Inter-ledger and PayID, and what that means for the broader world of finance.


Warren Paul ANDERSON Head of Developer Relations, Ripple
Warren Paul Anderson leads developer relations at Ripple. Since joining Ripple in 2016, Warren has worked as a product manager for the XRP Ledger, Interledger Protocol and RippleNet's On-Demand Liquidity product.
Michael ZOCHOWSKI Head of DeFI, Ripple
Michael Zochowski leads product at RippleX, which creates tools that make it easier to build on open blockchain technologies like XRPL. Michael previously founded Logos, a blockchain startup focused on high-performance payments that was acquired by Ripple.
Tyler STORM Senior Software Engineer, Ripple
Tyler Storm is a Senior Software Engineer on the RippleX team and develops tools and applications that sit on top of the XRP ledger. He has contributed to projects such as the RippleX Developer Portal, PayID Sandbox, and the PayID Documentation. Previously to working at Ripple Tyler helped build an open source cryptocurrency wallet called Canoe.